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Handsome Furs — Sound Kapital (Sub Pop)

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Handsome Furs — Sound Kapital (Sub Pop)

A conversation with the Handsome Furs in a nightclub on Saturday night
by Tom Baker

“Oh, hey! You’re — you’re that guy, right?”
“Uh, are you talking to me?”
“You’re that Dave Boeckner!”
“Right, right. Hey, I’ve been listening to your band!”
“Wolf Parade?”
“What? — Handsome Furs! That new album, is it Sound Kapital?”
“Oh, thanks, dude!”
“Yeah, lemme tell ya, you guys are fun! You have a damn good singing voice. I mean — sorry, I’m a bit hammered — but you seem like you’d be fun to dance to. Do you ever dance to your music?”
“Uh, I guess when we’re on stage? Listen, thanks…”
“Dave, can I ask you something? What’s up with that one song, ‘Memories Of The Future’? Cos, like, you say ‘nostalgia never meant anything to you’, but the song is so 80s. I mean, the whole album is, but especially that song. So 80s … “
“Well — “
“Is it, like, supposed to be ironic? Am I missing something here?”
“Not everything with drum machines is from the 80s you know … “
“Oh, I know, but you guys so sound it. That ‘What About Us’ number, too. Is that meant to be like ‘Earth Song’?”
“No … Um, so do you have, like, a favourite song on the album … ?”
“Hmmm … You know what? I can’t even remember most of them! I probably couldn’t hum you any of the tunes, gun to my head. There’s that one that sounds like that Kylie Minogue song about lovers a bit?”
“‘Repatriated’, you mean?”
“Maybe. I remember not liking, what, track 5? The one that’s like a dancier Arcade Fire — “
“Not all Canadian bands sound like them, man!”
“I’m sorry? Anyway, that little sort-of Black Eyed Peas breakdown in the middle, too. That wasn’t great. “
“Jeez, man, I mean, don’t hold back … “
“Oh, shit, I’m sorry man, my mouth tends to run a bit when I’ve been drinking. I mean, I’m sure you guys are a lot of fun to dance to … “
“Yeah, you said.”
“It’s just, there’s not a whole lot more to it, is there? I mean, I’d probably dance to it if they played it tonight, but I wouldn’tremember it. Shit, I probably wouldn’t even recognise it while I danced to it! Some people like that, sure .. “
“Look — “
“I mean, it’s not a masterpiece, but it’s not bad! It’s good for dancing … “
“C’mon, dude … “
“Maybe work on the songwriting a bit. You’re singing’s great, it’s catchy, but … that’s kind of it, right?”
“What are you, a critic? Fuck you, buddy.”

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