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Everett True interviews Brisbane, pt 1: Lili Kendall

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Lili Kendall

I’m toying with the idea of running this as an ongoing series. When Isaac was born, and we were unable to go out to shows in Brighton for a while, we invited bands around our house there and recorded them on my 4-track – a particularly memorable set from The Diskettes, also The Research and Bobby McGee’s. (The Pipettes were going to: it was more my fault than theirs that it didn’t happen.) Herman Düne even flew over from France to perform a special show in our living room, live in front of a select audience … and also be interviewed for the cover of Plan B Magazine.

So I was thinking: why not Brisbane? Especially as our third child is due any week now.

First up, the beautiful voice of 14-year-old Lili Kendall.

I was a little uncertain about arranging this – I can recall shows put on especially for me back in the day, in Manhattan hipster clubs and (see above), but never quite so intimate. It didn’t seem likely I was going to see Lili perform live any time soon, though: what with age restrictions in clubs for her, and my general hermit-like existence these days. I thought Isaac and Charlotte would enjoy it, and so it transpired. And it occurred to me – following my surprisingly popular haircut/interview with Tara Jane O’Neil on YouTube – why not do an interview, post that up, see how it goes? Fortunately, Lili’s parents are a lot more conversant with video technology than me, so they handled that part. The songs were recorded pretty much all first take, with a slight introduction – and the interview is as you see it, tea mug and all.

What does anyone think? A format that works, and should be repeated? Or is there a reason that I stick to the written word?

Anyone have any suggestions for future interviews?

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