Brigette Herron’s 22-track summer mixtape for 2012

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More unexpected and inspiring magic. In the final act, of Montreal reveal the horrors that they have kept bottled up for so long. Swaths of red velvet curtain are tied neatly to the side of the stage. They say that what is seen will differ from person to person. Some see the remnants of a slaughter, while others see nothing at all. I see a man with his head in his hands, rocking himself back and forth. He is cursing his shallow appearance and wrestling with the concept of infinity. Finally, he gets up and walks to the piano. He plays a simple and beautiful melody. He smiles to himself and for a moment I think that he has encountered a sense of freedom. He looks like he has forgotten that he exists.

I listen to Killer Mike when I have given up all hope. I listen to Killer Mike when I want to remember how to rage correctly. This is Bob Dylan to me.

OK, I know we had to face some more serious subjects there, so let’s lighten the mood a little with an overlooked and unlikely dance hit by Magnetic Fields. They should have made a whole album of songs like this.

Gotta show some SHRAG love here. Great song — it showcases their love of The Fall, it’s got great lyrics, what more can you ask for? I heard it a dozen times when my band was on tour with them and I never got tired of it. I even got to play double drums along to it with my pal Jesse, when we had to fill in for Shrag’s drummer Andy for a show or two.

“Such dedication is REFRESHING!”

(continues overleaf)

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