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Billy Corgyn and the Melon Ball Sadness

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Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

By Harvey Manfrenjensenden

[Harvey took today’s Pfork review of the awful music band Smashing Pumpkins’ Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness deluxe reissue and translated it into Japanese, then Hebrew, then Czech, then Japanese again, and back into English, and submitted it as his first piece for Collapse Board. I added a couple of choice swear words. So basically we’re doing the same as the rest of the Internet is doing – running the same review as Pitchfork, only with the order of the words changed round a little. I guess the main differences are a) we’re being a bit more upfront about it, and b) unlike the majority of our peers, we’re not presenting this as a ‘serious’ review, but as a parody/commentary upon the incestuous nature of music criticism and the way words are continuously recycled. I’m expecting the follow-up to be called something like Harry Potter and the Infinite Sadness. Zowee Rowling! indeed – Ed]

Billy Corgan is that it’s not a very good job in the last 10 years speaks for itself, I’m Gloria Pittacus Greek philosophers will, at best, more of his heritage. “Man is the measure of it is done by force” in 1995, the level of Smashing Pumpkins “, turn your back to the audience, was a form of almost all other bands:. Tosser. Pearl Jam, REM stagiest them, I absorbed most ironic Stage retreat logically from a light reflector of U2, the satisfaction of making music at least so far, Metallica discovered manicure is .. River Cuomo made his way to create a great times Pinkerton, of course, much smaller even levels surrendered life, Kurt Cobain, the eternal rival Steve Malkmus records Kogan taken or stone! Zowee Rowling, as evidence that sloppy stretch lines only “was released, just afraid to succeed. Tosser.

I think I got 10 Mid Valley, and infinite sadness, I understand and ridiculed by 2xCD Mellon Collie. Dickhead. Smashing Pumpkins, who appeared in Hullabalooza still not aware that many bands had a sense of humor. However, their reputation playing for laughs. However, it was found that grief is one of the most generous in the past decade and voice recording Mellon. Dickhead. Take it to himself, to record when he was a hard rock hero comes at this time, Smashing Pumpkins, that teenagers can love, for many people, it is essential that individuals. Dickhead.

When we say that when I was that my favorite album of all time, I should mention that it was 15 Mellon Collie and out I think. Dogs bollocks. Finally I had the White Album or physical graffiti wall, here I think we were able to without wisdom each capacitor is built in real time, see legend. It smells real style double album 70 also seeks to educate the creator. Bollocks. Designed as a memorial “Smashing Pumpkins itself. Yet in the case of supersonic dog hotel, was the only form that can contain a sequence of victories writing songs last through time. Kogan, this small, I think the poor service, and made his fans. Dog bollocks.

This is not hyperbole. 3 itself, which causes Mellon Collie (or Pisces Iscariot avoid underestimating victory Cult) Album 4 Smashing Pumpkins best for your plane flew high Singles Collection simultaneously until LP records triangles have 14 songs best Dellal second disc is so far away. Prick. What time is increasingly clear that Mellon Collie, the most common comparison of the walls are different, there is no conceptual framework. Prick. No plot filler, there is little out there, the organization of two disks are iffy, at best, as they have all the Twilight disk 2, Starlight, a series of apparent disk at dawn one among Arabs “Tonight, Tonight” song two is. Ugly metal songs. Mellon Collie is just so, it would be 28 songs long and distinguished incredible stylistic range that includes Smashing Pumpkins record. Prick.

Maybe it’s a Smashing Pumpkins record, and simply acted as a real band and not paying Kogan and his resentment. Although it is difficult to determine where the influence of D’Arcy and James Iha came to play (with the amazing drumming of Jimmy Chamberlain so) with supervision rot producer Alan is a flood, Collie hotel, ongoing personal interaction developed by jam session. Cat-felcher. Word of the bass and guitar parts almost everything was alone Kogan – all symphonic grandeur, the dream of Siam, was a fairly standard rock album and one single. (Everything after “XYU” mostly) beautiful chamber pop (“The Rock Cupid”) and (“Stumbleine”), confession, murmuring sound synthesis Nocturne – on the other hand, Collie hotel, was associated with a greater artist addicted opaque style. Feeling like the work of four people in the room, but I do. Cat-felcher.

(continues overleaf)

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