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 Everett True

Banksy vs advertising vs Everett True vs Facebook

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Banksy on advertising

Every day, thousands of shit photographs with unfunny captions get posted and re-posted up on Facebook by thousands upon thousands of people who are clearly hoping that, by engaging in said act, some of the reflected cultural capital will rub off on them and we will all sit open-mouthed and fucking downright impressed at their sheer chutzpah and filtering ability that they, these enlightened cultural observers, are only the 32,108th (and so on) people to “like” this photograph and pass it along to similarly enlightened souls. This way, they hope, they both promote their own individuality – by being only the 32,108th (and so on) people to join the crowd – and creativity (by having no original thought of their own).

Or perhaps they genuinely believe these captioned photographs are hilarious.


Of course, law of averages demands that – every once a month or year – something worth reading comes along. See above. It hardly excuses the fucking dotards and retards who fucking clog up your fucking Facebook stream with their fucking undemanding reaffirmations of someone else’s shit taste in humour. It’s the social networking 2012 equivalent of “You don’t have to be crazy to work here … but it helps”.

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