Andrew McMillen

An open letter to Stonefield

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None of this upsets me, Stonefield. After watching you play in Perth, I believe in your music. After speaking with your level-headed band leader, Amy Findlay, I’m even more of a believer. I’m just disenchanted with the clouded discussion that surrounds you. It’s nowhere more visible than on Mess+Noise, where sickening comments about obtaining carnal knowledge of the band members are allowed to pass unchecked. It is not necessarily the site’s editorial business to be interfering with the small-minded men who choose to make these remarks – and they are all men, let’s be honest, Stonefield – but it says a lot about the online community that such comments remain largely unchallenged.

The fact is, while your success thus far can be hinged upon your marketability, the perverse threats and bare innuendos are only going to increase in volume and frequency as you climb the ladder. This is a saddening fact of human nature, and larger Australian society. Through no fault of your own – for simply living, and for following your burning desire to play music – you’ve already become the target for vile accusations and sick fantasies.

Welcome to the music industry circa 2011, Stonefield. By now, hopefully you’ll have learned that sharks aren’t only embedded within the music industry; they swim among the online sea of faceless, gutless, sexist predators, too.

Andrew McMillen (@NiteShok) is a Brisbane-based freelance journalist. http://andrewmcmillen.com/

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