An A-Z of Divorce

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Divorce - Divorce (Night School)

By Tamsin Chapman

Divorce sound like witches burning and power tools. Here is an A-Z of Divorce’s self-titled debut album (on Night School). featuring descriptions of power tools, names of executed witches and other esoterica.

A is for ‘Aids Of Space’. Alligator shear. Asthmatic pylons. Alice Lake

B is for Babble of distended howls. Bass that could shift tectonic plates. ‘Bill Murray’. Because the hammer spins and has velocity before impacting the anvil, the hammer has momentum. Because it has momentum, it must have kinetic energy. Energy is not stored over time, but rather, energy is stored with velocity. Bridget Bishop

C is for ‘Cunts In A Circle’. Crushing devices hold material between two parallel or tangent solid surfaces, and apply sufficient force to bring the surfaces together to generate enough energy within the material being crushed so that its molecules separate from (fracturing), or change alignment in relation to (deformation), each other. ‘Coat Your Throat’.

D is for Distortion. ‘Dreglegs’. Diamond blades grind rather than cut. Drum carnage



E is for Evil squall. Effectiveness of the jackhammer is dependent on how much force is applied to the tool. Elizabeth Clarke

F is for Freight train running over flesh. Feedback as fright accelerator

G is for Giallo. Golem’s frenzy as he realises he’s been used. Goodwife Greensmith

H is for How do you learn to scream that way?

I is for Immense monolithic 2-note riff. Impact Wrench. Illegitimate issue of Mendes

J is for Jalap accident. Jigsaw is a tool used for cutting arbitrary curves. Janet Horne

K is for Kerosene. Kickback can occur when a chain tooth at the tip of the guide bar catches on wood without cutting through it. This throws the bar (with its moving chain) in an upward arc toward the operator which can cause serious injury or even death

L is for Lazar house. Layers of bruise. Leatherlips

M is for Massacre blues. Merga Bien

N is for ‘Never Try Anything Now At Least Once A Day’. Nihilist disco. Nyzette Cheveron

O is for Once finished the groove can be then plastered back over to leave no sign of what is beneath

P is for Possession. ‘Pencils Giant Pencils’. (http://www.theargus.co.uk/news/5048949.Window_cleaner_killed_himself_with_giant_pencil/) Planetary torque multiplier gearboxes are primarily used anywhere accurate torque is required on a nut and bolt, or where a stubborn nut needs to be removed. Petronilla de Meath

Q is for Quadrilateral cruelty

R is for Radio No. Random orbit sanding pattern is produced by simultaneously spinning the sanding disk and moving it in an ellipse. This ensures that no single part of the abrasive material travels the same path twice. Rebecca Nurse

S is for ‘Stabby (Stabby) Stab’. Sabre saw consists of a reciprocating cutting implement, usually a toothed blade. ‘Snob Value’. Sax abused. Soulmother of Küssnacht

T is for Takes the skin off you

U is for Unholy. Using a thickness planer can result in the problem of snipe. This manifests as a deeper cut on a short section of the board at either end and is caused by incorrect feeding or misalignment. Ursula Kemp

V is for Vermifuge boutique


X is for Xyster, dicer, slicer

Y is for Yowlcore

Z is for Zymotic disease. Zero compromise. Zippel, Anna & Brita

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