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Alternative Music Fan Notices Contradiction In Jessie J Hit Song

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By Our Reporter In The Indie Trenches Wearing The Baby-Doll Tank Top And Plaid Flannel Shirt

In a revelation that has sent shockwaves through the music industry, Trevor McMillan, a 31-year-old self-confessed ‘alternative’ music fan, has spotted an inherent contradiction in the lyrics of Jessie J’s 2011 chart smash ‘Price Tag’. McMillan, who lists post-punk, 4AD, Indie Before It Sold Out, Bon Iver and The Shins as his favourite music, said he happened to hear the song on the radio one day and noticed the contradiction. Explaining that he doesn’t normally listen to the radio but he was at work, McMillan noticed that while the song seemed to be espousing a strong anti-capitalist message, the pop nature of the song itself and the fact that Jessie J was rich, set alarm bells ringing in his head. As soon as he got home, McMillan wrote as his Facebook status update, “If it’s not about the money Jessie J then why are you so rich?” The update sparked two replies and got 9 ‘likes’, the second highest amount McMillan has ever gotten for a status update.

As news spread of the revelation, Jessie J went into damage limitation mode. After pledging to give a percentage of the profits from the song to charity she also arranged a free concert for her angry fans. A representative for Jessie J was quoted as saying:

Look, we didn’t think anybody would notice. When a bit of time passed we thought we were in the clear but McMillan has us bang to rights. There was a certain profit-driven motive in this endeavor and now that it’s been pointed out Jesse feels relieved. She doesn’t have to hide it anymore.

Despite her best efforts to clear up the mess, some fans have been unforgiving. An official spokesperson for the Occupy movement, which up until now had regarded ‘Price Tag’ as their theme song, has stated that they can no longer endorse the song now that this contradiction has been pointed out. “It just wouldn’t feel right,” said the unnamed spokesperson, “I think we’re going to go with ‘Killing In The Name’ by Rage Against The Machine instead. Their stalwart refusal to engage with corporate America is more in keeping with our message”.

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