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a rare good live recording of Nirvana with The Legend!

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Isaac Thackray Falls Festival 2009 Chris Turner 4

I was just listening to

for the first time. I wasn’t aware a recording of it existed till now. Or maybe I was, and I’d forgotten.

I’m fairly sure that it’s from Roseland Ballroom as listed* – but the comments below the video on YouTube dispute this. Some folk reckon it’s from the Coliseum the night before, but that doesn’t tally with my memory. I was the only guest on stage with Nirvana during their encore at the cavernous Coliseum – I have a vivid memory of being in the ultra-VIP area inside the VIP area and the only other person there was Naomi Campbell. And I’m near certain that me and Kurt did a duet on ‘Do Nuts’. I say duet, but it must have been mostly him as I’d entirely lost my voice. I have a feeling we might have shared a microphone.

Back to Roseland.

I think that’s me on main vocals (I’ve only ever known one line of ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’ … ironic, considering I performed this song on stage with at least three different bands around this time) and you can hear Jad Fair making weird sounds through a megaphone in the background.

I’m think, but I’m not certain. It certainly sounds like me, albeit with terrible laryngitis.

I like it. What a spooked, scary sound!


* It is. Confirmed by those good folk over at Live Nirvana.

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