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23 of Bianca Valentino’s Favourite Jams of 2012

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Jhonny Russell & The Mystery School
Exploring the cosmos in a lo-fi, electro-rock kinda way.

My Spaceship by Jhonny Russell and the Mystery School

The Deathset
High energy electro-punk awesomeness taking a stroll through the New York landscape alive with pop culture surrealism. Hadouken!

Classics Of Love
One-time front-man for inspirational and influential ska-punk band Operation Ivy, Jesse Michaels serves up what he does best for the now.

Little Trouble Kids
With their beat stomping (literally) and ramshackle guitar powers combined, Belgium’s Little Trouble Kids are a total pleasure.

Dog Party
Gwendolyn (16) and Lucy (14) rock my world with their Ramones-core good time positive tunes. For their summer vacation they’re about to embark on a US tour and have just returned from a European one with Kepi Ghoulie. They played at the Ramones Museum in Berlin and in Italy with CJ Ramone. What were you doing as a teen on your summer vacation?

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