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22 of Scott Creney’s favorite songs of 2012 so far

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Suum Cuique –Kuiper Anomaly

Here’s some electronic ambient trancy stuff.

Broken Water – Drown

The sounds are great–Dinosaur/Sonic Youth/MBV at its haziest and most overdriven. Now if they could just learn to write a killer song.

La Sera – Please Be My Third Eye

Total awesome groovy power-pop with Buddhist overtones.

The Soft Moon – Total Decay

The Soft Moon are both more abrasive and more melodic than any of their peers. ‘Total Decay’ features a nasally synth that sounds like a swarm of bugs squirming their way into your body—through your nose, through your eyes, through your ears. It has a brutal ambience; it’s a music begging for shelter. You hear the shrieks of a tortured prisoner with towels jammed in his mouth. You stand under a bridge and contemplate throwing yourself into the kudzu. Professional wrestlers dressed as french maids stand around snorting coke out of Robert Smith’s asshole.

An album is coming later this year. In the meantime, this entire EP is riveting. 

Carter Tutti Void – V3

Gnarly interplanetary travelogues.

Deep Time – Clouds

They used to be in Yellow Fever. So what, I used to be in Granite Hills High School. Apparently both of us have moved on to even better things.

A Place To Bury Strangers – So Far Away

Awesome Dire Straits cover. Just kidding. You know how on Psychocandy there’s all this delirious feedback and then the solo comes and William Reid mashes a pedal and the feedback gets even louder? APlaceToBS duplicates this process only they take the post-pedal-mashing part as their starting point.

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