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22 of Scott Creney’s favorite songs of 2012 so far

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Ryan Power – I Don’t Want To Die

Here’s a link to the Soundcloud.

Maybe the oddest thing I’ve heard all year. I can’t tell if this genius or stupid, and I can’t really figure out why. It’s almost Jonathan Richman in its directness, almost classical in its melodic ambition, and almost Michael McDonald in its delivery. But it isn’t any of those things. Either way, it’s got something special. When it surfaces in a Harmony Korine film 15 years from now remember you heard it here first.

White Fence – Down PNX

A dream marriage of early GbV and early Pink Floyd. The whole album’s awesome.

Ceremony – World Blue

This is a great way of cleansing your palette after you worked up the courage to read the news.

Organs Of Love – Facefuck

Share it with someone you love.

Detective Agency – You And Me

It wouldn’t be Collapse Board without a little shambling boy-girl indiepop, now would it? These folks are doing it great.

Liars – Brats

This whole album may or may not be great. I still can’t decide.

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