20 records of 2011 that saved me from dying in airports

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By Lawrence English

(and on other modes of transport)

Popul Vuh – The Werner Herzog Soundtracks Boxset
Jim O Rourke Old News Vol 5
Grouper – A | A
Tim Hecker – Ravedeath 1972
John Chantler – The Luminous Ground
The Beach Boys – Smile Sessions 2011
Steve Roden – Proximities
Van Dyke Parks – Arrangements Vol. 1
Stephan Mathieu – A Static Place
Chris Watson – El Tren Phantasma
Tenniscoats – Tokinouta

Andy Stott – Passed Me By
Beemask – Elegy for Beach Friday
Clams Casino – Instrumental Mixtape
Nicholas Szczepanik – Please Stop Loving Me
Nettle – El Replandor
LA Vampires Goes Ital – Streetwise
The Necks – Mindset
Ambarchi, Haino, O’Rourke – In A Flash Everything Comes Together As One
Salem – I’m Still In The Night

Download a entire mix-tape of the stuff Lawrence loves here.

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