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15 Most Read Entries on Collapse Board, 09.09.11 – 15.09.11

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Amanda Palmer

No Kreayshawn!

Plus, there’s a runaway winner this week – doubtless helped by the fact the reviewed artist re-Tweeted the article.

1. Amanda Palmer @ The Concorde 2, Brighton, UK 01.09.11 (see featured image)
Amanda Fucking Palmer. This isn’t a gig, it’s a communion. (Lucy Cage)
2. Thought for the day (Kurt Cobain) + 19 Nirvana-related blog entries
How does it feel to be Number One on Billboard? (Everett True)
3. Spot the difference: Spin Magazine vs The Guardian
Wow. Talk about coincidences. One would think there was only one way to write about the Nevermind reissue! (ET)
4. How to edit music criticism
Nobody’s interested in hearing what you or I have to say, so we have to work a little harder for our credibility. (Scott Creney)
5. Kimbra. No. No, don’t Kimbra. Please don’t.
Kimbra. She’s like Lykke Li, only really fucking perky. (ET)
6. The grunge explosion. In whales.
(Erika Meyer)
7. Gotye – Making Mirrors (Samples ‘n’ Seconds)
He keeps insisting his eyes are wide open, but it’s anyone’s guess what the fuck he’s looking at. (SC)
8. Advice for Everett True on How to Write About Nevermind
Right now, kids are singing ‘Teen Spirit’ in school chorus, and thinking that Miley Cyrus wrote it. (Al Larsen)
9. Nirvana’s Nevermind, 20 Years Later
Nirvana had a bigger effect on American culture than any rock band since The Beatles. I was there, and anyone who tells you any differently is a goddamned liar. (SC)
10. Modern Day Music Criticism Sucks
Nationally-distributed music magazines have turned into paper-thin circle-jerk bullshit. (Ben Pratt)
11. Tyler, The Creator – The Devil in a White Tee
This is exactly the reason why the world needs Tyler and Odd Future. Shit can’t keep rolling like this. (BP)
12. Rewind to 1990
Damn. Damn. Damn. 1990 really was all right. (ET)
13. the editor of the NME reacts to the news PJ Harvey has become the first artist to win the Mercury Prize twice 
“… And then we all wake up and wonder where the art of genuine protest has gone.” (ET)
14. Shut up about Kreayshawn being racist 
I mean, isn’t hanging out with, and working with other races pretty much the dictionary definition of NOT a racist? (Kelly McClure)
15. The best rock song about being hungry
It is weird to be hungry in America. No one wants to hear about it, recognize it, or believe it. (EM)

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