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Why artists shouldn’t stick to art

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kozyndan bunny blossoms (fair use)


The whimsical, playful art of Kozyndan requires something cute but not sickly; slightly off-kilter and trend-aware. Of course, I could cheat here – their website lists their favourite acts – but I’m going to throw in a few suggestions of my own.

She & Him – ‘In The Sun’

Self-explanatory, although I’m not sure if the Zooey ship has sailed from sheer oversaturation.

Lykke Li – ‘The Only’

There’s something very primal about the percussion on Lykke Li’s music which fits in well with Kozyndan’s nature-inspired work.

The Shins – ‘Simple Song’

Yes, I am nicking that from Lucy Cage and no, it’s not a Wes Anderson movie.

Grimes – ‘Vanessa’

More the sort of thing that Dan and Kozy would actually like, this is one Grimes video that I haven’t seen a thousand gazillion times yet – and it’s rather good.

Glasser – ‘Treasury Of We’

Cameron Mesirow’s glacial electropop doesn’t just follow in the much-trodden Bjork/Danielle Dax footsteps but carves a niche for itself as a kind of experiment in layers and textures. The cascade of vocal samples fits nicely with the swells of Kozyndan’s aquatic-themed prints such as ‘Uprising’.

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