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Ulrich Troyer – Songs For William (Deep Medi Musik)

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Ulrich Troyer - Songs for William

by Scott Creney

Here in Athens, Georgia, it’s nearly 100 degrees every single day for three months of the summer. You bet your ass I listen to tons of dub reggae. No, not dubstep I’m talking about King Tubby, Lee Perry, the Congos — that kind of stuff. Anyway, this Austrian guy, Ulrich Troyer, got it in his head to make this kind of electronic dub. Create a basic track and then pile on all kinds of effects; synth bubbles, samples, experimental noise.

And it sounds wonderful.

Apparently this album is the first in a trilogy. That, coupled with his press photo, leads me to believe that Ulrich may not be a whole lot of fun to sit next to on an airplane. But then, as someone who once brought a copy of The 100 Days Of Sodom on a flight (flights actually, my mom bought me a ticket that forced me to change planes three times) specifically to keep people from talking to me, I’m probably not a whole lot of fun to sit next to either.

And besides, it’s not like you have to listen to Ulirch sing, or even talk for that matter. Just put on Songs For William, pour yourself another lemonade, and wait for the sun to go down so you can finally go on that walk you keep talking about. Ulrich Troyer makes for a great soundtrack when you’re following that trail through the forest.

I take that back. It’s actually a little scary. All those noises sound a little like forest animals planning to eat you for dinner.

(P.S. This is the second in a series of three electronic albums released this month that piss all over the new Washed Out). 

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