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Triple J Week – Tuesday 26 October

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Day 2 of Triple J week here on Collapse Board and business as usual, with not a whole lot of difference from yesterday.

  • Once again Australian music dominates, although the percentage is slightly down from Monday’s 50%.
  • Less songs were played today than yesterday, 108 versus 114, mainly as a result of The Doctor being back today after being away yesterday, with his ‘Drive’ show including an interview with Lyrics Born.
  • As yesterday, no songs or bands or were played more than once between 9am and 5:30pm
  • The 108 songs played in the 8½ hours works out at 12.7 songs/hour.
Country Total Plays Percentage
Australia 52 48.15%
USA 32 29.63%
UK 13 12.04%
Canada 4 3.70%
New Zealand 2 1.85%
Sweden 2 1.85%
Belgium 1 0.93%
Ethiopia 1 0.93%
France 1 0.93%
Grand Total 108 100.00%

As with yesterday, it’s all about new music and again the day’s playlist only included one song from before the start of the millennium , Powderfinger’s Don’t Want To be Left Out from 1998.

Year Total Plays Percentage
1998 1 0.93%
2001 1 0.93%
2004 1 0.93%
2005 4 3.70%
2006 4 3.70%
2007 4 3.70%
2008 3 2.78%
2009 11 10.19%
2010 79 73.15%
Grand Total 108 100.00%

As yesterday, Melbourne acts dominated the Australian artists played, followed by Sydney, Perth and Brisbane again in fourth place, although with a higher tally than the pitiful two plays that were managed yesterday. The breakdown of plays by city/area is in the following table.

City Total Plays Percentage
Melbourne 19 36.54%
Sydney 14 26.92%
Perth 9 17.31%
Brisbane 6 11.54%
Adelaide 2 3.85%
Blue Mountains 1 1.92%
Newcastle 1 1.92%
Grand Total 52 100.00%

The six Brisbane songs played today were:

  • Don’t Wanna Be Left Out – Powderfinger
  • Sad Rude Future Dude – Ball Park Music
  • Overpass – John Steel Singers
  • Disconnect And Apply – Dead Letter Circus
  • The Hardest Part – Washington
  • Let You Down – Hungry Kids Of Hungary

I have assumed that Washington is a Brisbane act, but maybe she’s now classed as Melbourne now (her Myspace lists her as ‘mid-air, AU’. Zany). What’s depressing is that three of the bands played (Hungry Kids, John Steel Singers and Ball Park Music) are playing the Triple J Australian Music Month gig at the Hi-Fi in a couple weeks and their being played is accompanied with an advert/plug for the show. It makes you wonder whether they would be played if it wasn’t for Triple J promoting the gig, whether they would play something else from Brisbane or whether they’d just ignore Brisbane music in favour of playing some more songs from Melbourne and Sydney acts.

2 Responses to Triple J Week – Tuesday 26 October

  1. Sarah McVeigh October 31, 2010 at 9:07 am

    The Brisbane music played is hardly indicative of the breadth of music coming out either, which is disappointing (but perhaps not surprising).
    Luckily we have such an epic community radio station that is committed to playing great bands from Brisbane!

  2. Darragh October 31, 2010 at 6:05 pm

    4ZzZ all the way!

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