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 Everett True

Thought for the day (Kurt Cobain) + 19 Nirvana-related blog entries

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By Everett True

You’ll have to indulge me here. (Actually, fuck that. Half the fucking world I encounter thinks I spend my entire time writing about Nirvana, so what fucking difference does it make whether I do or don’t?) I’m midway through my fourth Nirvana feature in three weeks – to tie in with the 20th Anniversary edition of Nevermind – and so my mind is focused in that direction.

This quote one is taken from a booklet I wrote to be given away free with Melody Maker, early 1992. It’s not a particularly choice one, but it does seem to neatly capture a feeling that was prevalent at the time.

I interviewed Kurt (by phone) the day of the Sassy photo shoot – he was in an excitable mood, telling me how he’d switched on MTV News, only to find them announcing his engagement to Courtney, and that Nirvana had just recorded a live version of ‘Territorial Pissings’, with the express intention of getting it on heavy rotation on 120 Minutes. “How does it feel to be Number One on Billboard?” Kurt repeated my question, laconically. “It’s like being Number 16, only even more people kiss your ass.” He was playful, friendly. He certainly wasn’t behaving like someone who’d been technically dead only a few hours before.

But who knows? Memory plays tricks on the clearest of minds.

(Nirvana, The True Story, Omnibus, 2006)

P.S. I was there when the above photograph was taken by my dear friend Stephen Sweet.

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