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Thought for the day (Billy Childish)

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Today’s thought directly relates to this. Taken from Plan B Magazine #28.

“I’ve got a vague notion that I put out to antagonise people,” he says, leaning forward. “There’s no such thing as a good song. There’s only a good performance and sound. Otherwise, ‘You Really Got Me’ would always be good, whereas it’s only good by The Kinks. And they could only do it good for three years.”

I sort of agree, but I think there are three factors – and the song is one of them. Otherwise, your new single ‘Christmas 1979’ wouldn’t stand out, with its three-note guitar line and pounding bass and knock-kneed funny/poignant lyrics. It’s sound, performance and song.

“Yeah, that’s it,” Billy graciously agrees. “But your notion isn’t as annoying to people as my notion is. You are right, of course. Without those other two elements, it’s rubbish. It has to have three legs. And without those three legs you’ll fall.”

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