Everett True

The return of Everett True | 92. Os Ovni

The return of Everett True | 92. Os Ovni
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Who can deny the pull of gaming music? It’s been part of my life since the days I used to play Space Invaders through the night, one game.

I eventually removed the Space Invaders machince forcibly from its spot, and placed it in my next-door neighbour’s room. He had some seriously fast explaining to do when the cleaner discovered it there the following morning. (Not as fast as the explaining I needed when asked about the sizeable hole in the linoleum of my floor, caused by my deliberately setting my room alight.) It used to bug me the way he’d sing along to ‘Venus In Furs’ with his headphones on at 3am.


The music was an integral part of the experience, and has remained that way through Sonic downwards. Don’t get me started on fruit machines – slot machines, one-armed bandits – and their accompanying sounds. I was so addicted to them, and so impoverished by them, for over two decades that an article I wrote around my addiction ended up being used in a school textbook. Of course the electronic beats and sounds filter down into, and influence popular music (even as early as the debut Pretenders album, I recall – Space Invaders – and probably earlier than that). (You know, right up to this moment, I never knew that track was called ‘Space Invader’. And I must have played that album thousands of times.)


Here’s a new Song of the Day for you, as recommended to me – no, not by YouTube – but by the wonderful Brigette Adair Herron.

It’s balm. Soothing. Comforting. There’s whistling. Reassurance. Mysteries, hinted at.

You can download a bunch of their “intergalatic synth” music here, or even choose to buy the album here.

Yep. That’s all I am some days. A conduit.

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