Everett True

The return of Everett True | 25. Hallie And The Annies

The return of Everett True | 25. Hallie And The Annies
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…and the hits keep coming.

Just a beautiful unruly restrained clattering pop song. Nothing more and certainly nothing less. Male-female harmonies and splendour and a whole bunch of humanity. A minimal guitar solo to ping the wooden boards up from your deck with and send hurtling down the road. Tunefulness and melody achieved through… ah, just go listen to the damn thing, will ya?  In every world that I’ve ever cared about both the songs here would be Number One for five weeks before splattering across water cooler consciousness everywhere.

So ridiculously fine it makes me embarrassed to even consider 98 per cent of radio-tailored music out there. (The moment comes at 2.08 minutes on the second song, and repeats at 2.23 minutes, in case anyone wants to take notes.)

Check the source.

Look, they exist! And here’s the proof.

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