Everett True

The return of Everett True | 145. Junglepussy

The return of Everett True | 145. Junglepussy
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I share this with you, in the hope that you too will start moisterising on a more regular basis, that you too will be “Fucking the mental while you strokin’ the soul, that’s what you call fucking self control”, that you too will understand the necessity of buying into consumer fads and fashions so you can start feeling like a queen, that you too will start grooving out to the siren call of slow sinuous, sensuous jazz, that you too fell hard  for that tripped-out hip-hop jazz groove that took place at the turn of the 1990s, that you too want to get down and dirty whenever you feel like whatever is whatever, that you too might want to smoke a little hashish and just fucken chill, that you too will start embracing the feminine more compulsively, that you too understand Lauryn Hill, that you too casino online can defend your own territory, that you too are fucking Versace cool.

Or maybe I should share this.

Here”s what the Versace lady has to say:

Brookyln’s Junglepussy ain’t just a rapper – she’s a healing property. Her iridescent skin consistently drenched in essential oils or sweat, her commanding stature and commanding words; she stands at six-foot tall, her raps contain motifs from her personal teachings, with her debut release Satisfaction Guaranteed playing out like a self-help guide empowering women to eat, date, text and to generally execute their lives to Junglepussy’s standards.

When I listen to Junglepussy I pay close attention to my calorie intake, I find myself moisturising more, progressing more efficiently, approaching men more carefully, embracing the feminine more fiercely. After a long stint following the 22-year-old rapper’s teachings on social media I paid close attention to dates for her debut release and I knew disappointment was not an outcome likely to follow the debut of a self-promoted perfectionist.

On the whole, black feminism is the name of the game. Junglepussy incites that being a young black female is an exclusive club, an enduringly chic trend, and an untouchable secret society – the ultimate honour. And surely, she’s onto something – in her tropical interpretation of NYC everything is slinky and seductive, aggressively ambitious, independent, triumphant.

“If you fucking with my man/That means you fucking with my dick.”


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