Everett True

The return of Everett True | 112. Kali Uchis

The return of Everett True | 112. Kali Uchis
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She got it going on.

She got it going on.

She chill.

She retro, in her sleek shiny future-modernist way.

She chill.

She got two mixtapes, 30+ songs for immediate download. Free, buzz.

She got it goin’ on.

She got connection with Tyler, The Creator but we got no issues.

She from Columbia.

She chill.

Listen to the second song here. Swoon. Listen some more. Like that Tony Bennett guy if he’d known not to raise his hand so high.

Listen to this song here. Swoon. Listen some more. Like that Ella gal if only she weren’t so dead. Down with the beats.

She deliverance.

She don’t stay still.

She spark our imagination in ways only Lana can imagine. And not even Lana.

She got it goin’ on.

She fine.

She watch too much Tarantino.

She like that game 3s. (That video above? The song, she run for seven more minutes of silence: swooning and chilling and toking and fucking and giddy like an unnatural high.)

She make us yearn for… what the word. Glamour.

She got that thing (doo wop).

She got that thing.

She loose. (No, not that way.)

She got lyrics, great lyrics

“I don’t want to be a cigarette/I don’t wanna be an ashtray/I don’t wanna be a doormat/Alla sudden you’re not into me” (‘Loner’)

She Uchis. She chill. She got it goin’ on.

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