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the longest songs in my iTunes library – Sonic Youth, Kraftwerk, Dirtbombs, Can, Tunabunny, Gareth Liddiard et al

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Arrington de Dionyso – Les Grenouilles de Cherbourg (18.53)
Throat singing and demented sax wailing from former Old Time Relijun front man. And what sounds like a didgeridoo but probably isn’t. Even more fun than it sounds.

Gareth Liddiard – The Radicalisation Of ‘D’ (16.12)
The stand-out track on on The Drones singer’s often difficult recent solo opus Strange Tourist, mainly because he has given himself enough room to breathe on this one.

Oneida – Sheets Of Easter (14.13)
I once had to leave a London concert to catch the last train home in the middle of this song. I swear that they were still playing it by the time I got back to Brighton.

The Slits – Earthbeat (live on WFMU radio) (14.00)
This is over two-thirds as long as a recording of an entire show I have of them from a couple of years earlier. And equally as rewarding.

8 Eye Spy – The Way To The Western Regions (13.36)
The sound of the Chinese underground following the Sonic Youth route.

Grace Jones – Private Life (dub) (13.00)
Taken from the awesome Wild Dub – Dread Meets Punk Rocker remix album.

Dexys Midnight Runners – This Is What She’s Like (12.23)
Brilliantly, the only single Kevin Rowland allowed to be released from Don’t Stand Me Down. Result? Instant commercial suicide.

The Deadnotes + The Legend! – I Like A Joke (As Much As The Next Man) (live at Woodlands Bar) (11.56)
We were aiming for 20 minutes. It’s way harder than you’d think. I swear, if we’d played another number as long – and funky – the entire place would’ve been dancing.

Isaac Hayes – The Look Of Love (11.14)
Of course, the far lengthier ‘By The Time I Get To Phoenix’ is the one to play if you want to kill the dance-floor stone dead. The opening six minutes, from what I recall, is just one lingering chord. Fuck My Bloody Valentine.

The Fall – Repetition (live at Manchester Band On The Wall) (11.04)
Mark E Smith certainly likes to get stuck in.

Propaganda – Sorry For Laughing (Unapologetic 12″) (10.12)
Surprising, and surprisingly spooky, version of this Josef K gem.

My Disco – Rivers (9.51)
Strangely, this comes in even longer than This Heat’s ‘Health And Efficiency’, to which it certainly owes a debt.

Donna Summer – I Feel Love (Patrick Cowley remix) (8.17)
This, on the other hand, IS Donna Summer. Odd, how we remember it going on for 30 minutes. If only.

P.S. We are talking current iTunes library only. Not filed music.

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