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The final AXXONN farewell show in Australia.

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This Saturday, 19 March night at X&Y Bar (Brisbane) w/ Toy Balloon.

Damn. You go along and check it out on the basis of Tom Hall’s tour diaries alone. Excellent reading.

Part one is here
… the acts were decidedly more ‘heavy’ tonight and, as it happened, my grandmother (70+) had decided to drop by to see what AXXONN is all about. Having sat through soundcheck I was worried for her, to say the least. I realised I’m happy to terrify others grandmothers but wasn’t so sure about terrifying my own. It’s not that they don’t know what I do for a career it’s just I don’t often get the chance to play nearby. It also probably doesn’t help that as a representation of what I do my mother gives my grandmother the most ‘user-friendly’ track from the recently AXXONN album, a masterful arpeggiatored piano/drums melody …

Part two is here
… the next morning I wake and feel hungover. How could it be, given that I only drank two beers and ate a ton of food? I head out to the van and grab my stuff ready to take it back to the hire company. Not thinking, I grab the passenger side door handle and think to myself “what’s this sticky shit?” Then the proceedings of the evening before come flooding back to me. I held my vomit-soaked hand to the sky and cursed the shit out of Ian Rogers. I’m pretty sure it was payback for something I’d done …

Part three is here
… the sound guy informs me he can’t turn me too loud because the venue manager is there and that he might need to cut me at 10. I’m kinda delirious and just nod, pretty sure normally I wouldn’t have accepted it so easily. I start off and the sound isn’t too bad but soon enough I see the manager walking across the room and my volume dissipates. When you’re one man and making the kind thick nutritious sonic slabs that AXXONN makes, it’s like having your throat cut, there’s nothing you can do but hold your throat to coax every last second out of life. I always have a bit up my sleeve and usually save that for the end so consequently the mid-section of the set sucks balls, volume-wise. I finish it off and start packing up. The venue manager brings the sound guys his cash and me a point of Bulmers, a very very small consolation …

Or you could go for the music

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