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The electronic double standard

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Gazelle Twin

I was hopping up and down with excitement when I heard this one:

Which was compared by The Guardian to Yazoo as fronted by the offspring of Alison Moyet and Andrew Eldritch. This is actually a good thing.

So why am I more ready to accept derivative electropop than derivative indie rock? It’s not simply a question of hating indie – that’s not the case at all. It’s saturation. How many bands in history have ripped off The Beatles? Fucking tons, and only Cardiacs have really done it well. How many bands in history have ripped off Yazoo? I’m thinking it’s just the one. Because I haven’t heard it done a thousand times, it doesn’t have that tired, bored quality that retro guitar-based music suffers from. It still sounds fresh and new and exciting.

OK, we might be perilously close to saturation point by now. I could do with something that little bit less obvious:

Better, but now that annoying little voice is starting to whisper in my ear the words that tell me my little electro love affair is on the way out:

It just sounds like Bjork so you might as well just listen to Bjork.


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