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 Everett True

The Cribs live @ The Zoo, 16.02.10

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I was on my way into QUT this morning, a little tired and a little cranky: sleep deprivation is a powerful anti-intoxicant. I was listening to The Unthanks, stuck at Normanby bus station for a little too long. (‘The Testimony Of Patience Kershaw’ is the one I’d recommend for today.)

And they inspired me to write this song for The Thin Kids.

Where you’ve been Ed? I’ve been out drinking
Where do you go? Been round the back
Was it worth it? Was it fuck, mate!
I’ve got a sore head and my eyes all bloodshot and I’ve a fearsome pain down the back of my neck

Where you’ve been Ed? Been out smoking
Why d’ya go? Just for the crack
Was it worth it? Was it fuck, mate!
My head’s all swimming and my eyes all painful, and I’ve no words to answer back

Where you been, Ed? Been out eating
Was it worth it? Was it fuck!
Why d’ya go then? I was hungry
Ate myself some chicken shit

Where you been Ed? Been out singing
Was it worth it? Was it fuck!
Why d’ya do it? I was down and lonely
And I thought I’d try my luck

So I sent it off to my fellow Thin Kid, Edward Gugliemino – and he sent me this email back:

Hi Jerry.

Last night the cribbs came back last night. I drank that whole bottle of Jamesons less the sips everyone else had. We smoked 3 joints picked an argument with my guitarist.

Then I wake up and I’m still drunk and stoned and you’ve written a song exactly of what happened.

Kind regards.

Ed G.

So I thought I’d share the story with you, as way of summarising what happened the night before, even though I only took a minor part in proceedings. The Cribs played: and they rocked. Johnny Marr wore one of the smartest shirts I’ve seen and talked backstage of teaching at Manchester University, and Jon Savage, and rain. I recognised ‘Hey Scenester’ during The Cribs’ set, and loved the one where some bloke was talking agitated in grainy close-up on the film on the wall behind them; felt that it was real nice to be seeing some pogos and good rocking and passion. And it was real nice that The Cribs still care about whether they should take their shirts off or not.

And The Legend! played, and it was about as chaotic as it’s been, introducing The Thin Kids halfway through and playing one song twice (so Gary from The Cribs could guest-sing), and recounting long rambling tales of drunkenness and revelry, pulling out requests because it’s so unusual I get them, stretching out that one about losing my shoes to double its length, asking Ed G to sing me the opening line of (The Thin Kids’) ‘Love Song’ four times because my mind was elsewhere, pulling out jokes about Wolfmother to fill in silences, getting a whole bunch of audience to click their fingers, my hat worn as a prop, forget to do the Daniel Johnston spoken word piece, played for 30 minutes and man it felt long…

And backstage, Gary spoke of great old bands and venues from Portland, OR (Calamity Jane and the Pine Street Theatre) and of Comet Gain and Brighton, touring and T-shirts.

It was a real fun evening: the security guard backstage congratulated me on my performance, and Ed G claimed folk were wanting to take his photo after, and there were drink tickets (I preferred to drink tap water at the bar).

And all the while it rained, the way only Brisbane does rain.

I am real glad I went out.

P.S. The Thin Kids are playing live at the Troubadour, February 24 (Wednesday)

P.P.S. Ryan Jarman from on stage last night. “The Thin Kids – and Everett True – are the best band in Australia.”

P.P.P.S. Here’s our first review.

P.P.P.P.S. Just received email from Holiday, singer with Bridezilla. Her band are supporting The Cribs down south.

My night was not so exhilarating, as I will care to explain, in no logical sequence:

Ate revolting poisonous Japanese, at a place where I should’ve known better than to eat at. Guiltily bought a Dunkin Donut to mask the after taste. Ate atrocious burnt fried rice at a Chinese place at about midnight.

Johnny Marr is incredible to watch. Didn’t realise Joe from The Jicks was married to the bass player. The brothers had a fight side of stage, after their show. Didn’t meet them.

Forgot my guitar strap, had to borrow one off The Cribs (which is like borrowing underpants from pre-school after wetting yourself).

Felt sloppy and tipsy on stage, which you never know makes for a good one or bad one.

Put strangers on the guest list. Mistake.

Loaded gear back to the hotel, jumped in to bed with Millie (who suffers from some form of sleep apnea). Was woken up at 3am by the rest of the band toppling in, turning on lights to brush their teeth and wash their faces.

Tonight will be better, It has to be.

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