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 Everett True

the 20 most searched terms on Collapse Board (March 2011)

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This is according to our fancy new plug-in, Jetpack. Man, there must be a ton of pissed-off Korn fans out there. 

  1. korn
  2. collapse board
  3. black eyed peas
  4. korn issues
  5. crass
  6. let england shake
  7. pj harvey let england shake
  8. roxy music
  9. ari up
  10. etta james
  11. collapseboard
  12. lykke li
  13. rihanna bondage
  14. sexism
  15. best australian bands
  16. everett true fifty rules for critics
  17. godspeed you black emperor
  18. fergie black eyed peas
  19. issues korn
  20. arcade fire twitter

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