Letters from Rosie 7 – Lana Del Rey and that moment of self-reflection

She has single-handedly made it impossible for any little girl to look in the mirror and think, “I am naturally pretty… enough”.


Hysteria. PMS. feelings? (Kate Nash | A Response)

It’s funny how a woman is slayed for expressing anger. I must be hysteric. PMSING HARDCORE. trying to be punk. How about I’m just sick of crap uninspired chart music, bullies and sexism. I’ve been hurt and I’m angry and playing bass and shouting about it makes me feel better. That’s all it is. And if that freaks people out then good.

 Scott Creney

Tunabunny in the UK, part two

The Shoebox is packed. It’s hot and sweaty to the point where I would have trimmed my eyebrows before I left if I’d known they were going to be this soaked and heavy.

 Everett True

Pussy Riot | This band fucking rules more than any band has ruled in years

Pussy Riot must be “burning Putin’s glamour” pretty fucking hard for the state to threaten them like this.


Space Punk: The Online Video Years – “Group Pussy Riot burns Putin’s glamor”

This would be refreshing just as regular punk rock performed on a stage in a club, but Pussy Riot only play unsanctioned shows in public spaces.

 Tobi Vail

Hello from Olympia, WA – 4: Madonna Live at the Super Bowl

Does the marketplace necessarily kill radicalism or is it ever possible to be subversive in the mainstream?


M.I.A.’s Middle Finger, Madonna, and Me

Some people say that little girls are meant to be seen and not heard. Well I say OH BONDAGE, UP YOURS!

 Everett True

Everett True reacts to Ryan Schreiber’s article about M.I.A. pretty much exactly the way you’d expect him to

I shudder to think what he’ll make of Russian feminist punk rock collective Pussy Riot

 Everett True

Fucking love punk rock sometimes. Fucking love feminism sometimes. Fucking love YouTube sometimes.

“Revolt in Russia – the charisma of protest/Revolt in Russia, Putin’s got scared!”


Everett True and the Gender Obsession

Yes, he does say that there are good male musicians/bands. But it feels to me like they nearly have to prove themselves worthy of consideration