Amanda Palmer and friends in all their glory, live at a house party in Lutwyche

Amanda Palmer and friends in all their glory, live at a house party in Lutwyche

Suddenly I realise I’m in a room with people actually comfortable with sexuality and I’m relieved to be around a sexual culture that doesn’t exist just to please men.

 Ben Green

Atoms For Peace – AMOK (XL Recordings)

Radiohead is a heavy scene. They’ve not just the weight of expectation, but also the weight of freedom, because if you’ve proven you can do anything you want, what are you going to do?

 Everett True

Eleven records I wish I liked more

Liking most of these more wouldn’t half of made my life easier, at various stages. Would it have been too much of a compromise to make? Apparently so.

 Everett True

Music for politicians (spot the odd one out)

I think if I was in a band and David Cameron said he liked my band’s music, I’d have a long hard look at my band’s music.

 Wallace Wylie

Beck – Song Reader (Faber/McSweeney’s) THE BAD REVIEW

Beck selling sheet music is like McDonald’s selling a recipe book. “Hey, we’re not going to sell you the Super-Ultra-Mega Big Mac, but you can buy our recipe book and make your own version.” Those recipes might even look complex on paper, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t consuming garbage.

 Everett True

Song of the day – 507: U.S. Girls

‘Slim Baby (long distance dub)’ is the song to go after, before it goes after you.

 Wallace Wylie

Wallace Wylie’s Best of 2011

Don’t pull your pants. Buy this album instead.

 Princess Stomper

11 Greatest Things From 2011

Just knowing that there’s music this good out there makes me feel thankful, relieved, and a little bit spoiled

 Scott Creney

Can – Tago Mago (Spoon/Mute)

Sometimes when I listen to Tago Mago I find it hard to believe that mere human beings made this music.

 Everett True

Good music writing or douchebag trolling?

web 2.0 has seen a shift in perception that anything that isn’t recommendation (or polite) is trolling