Everett True

Some of us still burn – how ‘good intentions’ are the bane of the Australian independent sector

Experts count for shit, next to good intentions.

 Carmen Juarez

an interview with Joel Stern

I don’t buy that whole kind of “Brisbane is shitty” thing. At the level of underground activity, I’m really positive about this place.

 Everett True

interview with a QUT journalism student

1. Do you believe the internet is making it easier for emerging writers to get published or harder? You need to set your parameters first. If you’re referring to being published in a professional sense, then one would imagine it’s making it easier: there are more platforms, the means of production is more egalitarian and […]


Is the method of the marginalised musician the future of the whole industry?

To qualify my wanker status I am currently working on a research masters at QUT. The exact nature of the project is still in flux, but having just been enrolled I spent the weekend at the library reading about “The Saints’, “The Triffids”, “The-Go Betweens” and “Nick Cave” circa “Bad Seeds”, “Birthday Party” and “The […]