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That In Utero memo | An outraged* reader responds

Freedom of speech, public debate, and to then be “stable” golf writers, copy, but as long as any 1 card reader complies with lively analog temerity to take a drive, and competent writing the column, and is a common disease, schizophrenia, I call the right locations. Damn green iguana.

 Everett True

That In Utero memo Google-translated into Haitian Creole, Russian, Welsh, Esperanto, Icelandic and back again into English

Make more sense now?

 Everett True

Deconstructing The Myth | 10 Reasons Why “Secret Memo Regarding Nirvana’s ‘In Utero’ Reissue Leaked” Is Not For Real

To sum up. I think this memo is probably a spoof. A very cleverly worded and artful spoof for sure… but still a spoof.

 Wallace Wylie

Secret Memo Regarding Nirvana’s ‘In Utero’ Reissue Leaked

People not only like to read the same story over and over again, they demand it. Our job is to retell the story, to reinforce the legends, to emphasise the inflexibility of the narrative.

 Everett True

Everett True revisits Nevermind (reprint from eMusic)

Pull up a chair, there won’t be a warmer sound for years.


Oh well, whatever, etc

I was a little underwhelmed. It was so clean, to start with. What was with all those pop hooks?

 Wallace Wylie

The 10th Anniversary of the 20th Anniversary of October by U2, by Jeff Pollack

I thought of The Beatles line, “It was 20 years ago today”, probably because it really had been 20 years ago to the day


A Dissenter Among the Nevermind Accolades

In 1991 yours truly was about as far from the Pacific Northwest as one could be


Nevermind (the years that have passed)

We all start developing an enlightened view of the world from one kernel, one flashpoint.


The 10 Myths about Kurt Cobain and Nirvana they didn’t want you to read

‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ was originally written on a zither to prove it wasn’t a rock song