Carmen Juarez

My Bloody Valentine @ The Tivoli, Brisbane 20.02.13

There’s a kid pulling his earplugs in and out. No! Stop! What are you thinking?

 Everett True

Can sushi be the wrong way up? 22 miniature reviews of the new My Bloody Valentine album

“The one that sounds like relentless helicopters is my favourite so far” – Lucy Cage on Facebook.

 Scott Creney

My Bloody Valentine – m b v

Maybe this has only been a clearing of the throat, a shaking off of the cobwebs, a necessary step into the harsh daylight of everyday existence. Maybe there is more to come.

 Scott Creney

A.R. Kane – The Complete Singles Collection (One Little Indian)

The missing link between Robert Wyatt and Disco Inferno, A. R. Kane sounded equally at home in the club as in the bedroom, under the stars and in the studio.

 Scott Creney

Bat For Lashes – Haunted Man (Capitol)

This half-assed Paula Cole bullshit bores the crap out of me. Its Enya-esque sonic soundscapes make me wretch.

 Everett True

Song of the day – 499: Fabulous Diamonds

If this band were from Brisbane they wouldn’t be so darn nonchalant.

 Scott Creney

Micachu And The Shapes – Never (Rough Trade)

This is what it feels like to be alive in 2012 — connected to everything and more isolated than ever.

 Scott Creney

Constants – Pasiflora (The Mylene Sheath)

Hey, do you like Loveless? I mean, REALLY like it? Me too! And guess what! So does Constants!

 Everett True

Song of the day – 468: Boyz & Girl

Yes. Beautiful Chinese dream-gaze.

 Princess Stomper

Why Everett True is right

Why Aren’t There More Kate Bushes?