Tom Randall

6 (and a bit) favourite musical encounters from the first half of 2011, around which the miscellany of life lies

Most are gigs. Music lives in open air.

 Laura Witkowski

Bollywood Ear Candy: Taal Se Taal Mila

It’s raining. Be passionate! The rainy season is the season of love!

 Laura Witkowski

Bollywood Ear Candy: Yeh Mera Dil

You can tell that Don is a world class bad-ass by his blazer alone.

 Laura Witkowski

Bollywood Ear Candy: Sheila Ki Jawani

Do you like fire? Chandeliers? Waking up from a nap to a dozen men in your bed wearing MC hammer pants thrusting their pelvises at your face?

 Wallace Wylie

Probably the Most Influential Manifesto of the Past 20 Years

Who started the fire? Arcade Fire did.


Another local record store may be closing…

“Recorded music is about as readily available as water, and not a whole lot more exciting.”

 Ben Green

A Letter to Rocking Horse

That difference is the difference between a music industry and a music community.

 Hannah Golightly

How To Be A Female Musician Starting Out

How To Be A Female Musician Starting Out

Expect to have more replies to your ‘I’m Forming A Grrl Band’ poster and online ads from men than from women

 Everett True

10 Most Read Entries on Collapse Board since 1.1.11

“Having children gives you inhibition. There are things I couldn’t say any more because … people would get upset.”

 Everett True

Sexism etc – female music critics wanted for Collapse Board

Imagine if the music critic in Almost Famous had been female. Any chance at all she wouldn’t have been portrayed as a groupie?