Everett True

the collected Collapse Board manifestos

We have a freedom that the daily and weekly papers lost a long time ago.

 Everett True

IN PICTURES: the final Collapse Board manifesto

by Everett True


The Collapse Board Anti-Manifesto Manifesto

Am I the only one annoyed with the sudden blossoming of Collapse Board manifestos?

 Wallace Wylie

Probably the Most Influential Manifesto of the Past 20 Years

Who started the fire? Arcade Fire did.

 Tom Randall

Manifest This – Collapse Board exists to prove nihilistic fucktards like Morrissey wrong

So, Morrisey. Collapse Board exists to prove nihilistic fucktards like you wrong.


Collapse Board manifesto: The Pervert

It’s this insecurity with my place in the world that leads me to hang on to culture like a bible

 Logan K. Young

You’re Transgressing All Over Me: Yet Another Collapse Board Manifesto

We propose that all print rags be blown up and all boring SEO lists never be read again

 Wallace Wylie

Prepare To Die – A New Manifesto

Are there any albums in your collection that you bought in a moment of weakness?


Collapse Board Manifesto: In Poetry Form

Adam Ant says that there is always room at the top.

 Princess Stomper

Another manifesto

I am not ‘professional’; I am an evangelist.