Scott Creney

The 1980s Was Way Shittier Than You Think It Was – A Retrospective

All of these songs were ubiquitous. They were in the Top 10 of the US charts. They permeated the culture and colored everyone’s life.

 Princess Stomper

Madonna – MDNA (Interscope)

Madonna reminds me of the creepy old goth who used to hang out at the club hitting on the teenage girls – she’s just too old for this.

 Princess Stomper

Princess Stomper | Eleven more records to be embarrassed about liking

You can’t please everyone, and taste is subjective

 Tobi Vail

Hello from Olympia, WA – 5: Go Team Tour Diary Entry from March 1989: NYC – Madonna vs. Jad Fair and The Shaggs

the new Madonna record just came out yesterday and we wanted to dance

 Everett True

She led a troubled life, apparently. Doesn’t everyone?

If a woman is photographed drunk at any point, the narrative becomes one of inevitability

 Tobi Vail

Hello from Olympia, WA – 4: Madonna Live at the Super Bowl

Does the marketplace necessarily kill radicalism or is it ever possible to be subversive in the mainstream?

 Scott Creney

Scott Creney reacts to Pitchfork’s reaction to M.I.A.’s Finger

Ryan Schreiber should be, if not ashamed, then more than a little embarrassed at the moment. Calling someone an asshole for raising a middle finger to a Super Bowl camera when you run a website and a music festival that has no problem promoting songs about rape, misogyny, and homophobia is empty and pathetic.


M.I.A.’s Middle Finger, Madonna, and Me

Some people say that little girls are meant to be seen and not heard. Well I say OH BONDAGE, UP YOURS!

 Everett True

Everett True reacts to Ryan Schreiber’s article about M.I.A. pretty much exactly the way you’d expect him to

I shudder to think what he’ll make of Russian feminist punk rock collective Pussy Riot


The 12 Mildly Disappointing Facts About Popular Music They Didn’t Want You To Read

Meat Loaf is actually inedible.