Everett True

THE ALTERNATIVE REVIEW | Iceage – You’re Nothing (Matador)

The nastiness, the blackness and bleakness, is a lot of the attraction.

 Scott Creney

Interpol – Turn On the Bright Lights: Tenth Anniversary Edition (Matador)

I understand why Interpol’s considered a joke today. Even back in 2002 I understood why they were a joke. Everyone wants to be Joy Division, but nobody has ever wanted to be Interpol. The tragedy is that 99 per cent of the people who laugh at Interpol have a lot more in common with Interpol than they ever will with Joy Division.

 Everett True

The sacred cows of indie music – 3: Joy Division

All these bands that copy ’em … why draw the line at the music?


The Feelies vs Lou Reed

In Hornby’s view, rock critics are a pretty sheltered lot. It is, he points out, a young person’s game.

 Everett True

how to get featured on a music website, pt 4

Most everything is fractured. This is good.

 Scott Creney

Everything Is Plastic – The Corrupting Ideal of Authenticity In Music

ALL music is fake. That’s why they call it a performance; that’s why they call it an act.

 Everett True

Deconstructing the past – Galaxie 500

Yes, fuck, sure, I was way more hip than you were

 Scott Creney

How to edit music criticism

Nobody’s interested in hearing what you or I have to say, so we have to work a little harder for our credibility.

 Everett True

a reprint of a review of the last Fall album, because I’m tired, and someone mentioned it on Facebook

In comic book terms, this would be called the second Silver Age of The Fall, or something.

 Tom Randall

Iceage – New Brigade (What’s Your Rupture?)

Iceage have the wisdom to be brief: what they evoke is too much to bear for too long.