Mike Turner

Fevered Dreams – Mike Turner’s Top 10 Albums of 2014

Fevered Dreams  – Mike Turner’s Top 10 Albums of 2014

Above: Witching Waves @ the Hello Goodbye Show. I had been working on this year end list for what seems like weeks. I’d been fighting off this nasty bug since Thanksgiving. It finally caught up with me and I spent what seems like ages in a fevered state so I can’t really feel too bad if […]


Eagulls – Eagulls (Deranged)

Eagulls – Eagulls (Deranged)

What? When did this come out again? Three months ago, you say? Oh WHO CARES. Gems like this ought to be dredged up again and again to save our souls from the marble-ogling masses. Why? ‘Cos I’m puh-SESSED. Fuck the headphones. FUCK ‘EM! This is 80-miles-per-hour music, (yeah,I said miles – SUCK IT, WORLD), the […]


Something for the youth to spit on | a live execution with BABYLAND

And the call? It’s OK to be you. The freaks, the nerds, the outcasts. The last ones picked, the ones never picked. Fuck! There’s power in that.

 Scott Creney

Everything Is Plastic – The Corrupting Ideal of Authenticity In Music

ALL music is fake. That’s why they call it a performance; that’s why they call it an act.

 Bianca Valentino

Catcall – The Collapse Board Interview

by Bianca Valentino Catcall is the latest musical project from Sydney-based musician Catherine Kelleher. Kelleher first performed as frontwoman for Australian DIY punk band Kiosk in the early 00s. Upon returning home from a 2006 Kiosk US tour Kelleher had a life changing moment (which she talks about here) and after much soul searching decided […]

 Bianca Valentino

extracts from Conversations with Punx – 9. Henry Rollins

When religious organisations get together to protest gay people’s right to be married or happy, I will be happy to read about them getting a foot up their ass.

 Everett True

Song of the day – 295: Blue Ribbon Glee Club (free download)

Those crazy Chicago hipster kids!