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Song of the day – 470: Erkin Koray

There is so much that exists within the canon of pop music that I cannot even begin to dream of.

 Everett True

a mini-rant about a Stereogum ‘news’ story about Grimes

Some of the most impressively bad writing about Grimes the internet has yet produced.

 Everett True

Banksy vs advertising vs Everett True vs Facebook

It’s the social networking 2012 equivalent of “You don’t have to be crazy to work here … but it helps”.

 Everett True

41 Short Reviews about the new Smiths box set

Granted, many people hate Morrissey, but The Smiths are generally given an easy ride.

 Everett True

another conversation about music criticism on web 2.0

Everything is hidden in plain sight.

 Everett True

An Idiot’s Guide to Promoting Your Band on Facebook

Here’s the deal. You got a problem with me on Facebook? Don’t fucking befriend me then.

 Everett True

Song of the day – 403: Date With Elvis

You can hear a Cramps influence, sure: but it’s not overladen.

 Everett True

Of course, it doesn’t count when women or blacks do it. A collection of 20 present-day political pop songs

These are all drawn from suggestions from people on Facebook, and Collapse Board writers. Just the tip of the iceberg …         P.S.

 Everett True

Everett True’s mid-year mix tape

Who wants a mix tape?

 Scott Creney

Turntable.fm – A New Way to Experience Music

The internet is an amazing place. Turntable.fm just made it even better.