Eternal Soundcheck is one year old

Wow what a cool night, thanks to everyone who came and enjoyed this. Definitely a highlight of my year. KNEE CHIN Over the course of this year Knee Chin have come from being a loose houseshow band into an incredibly great weirdo pop band that can take on the world. Brisbane’s finest. GERALD KEANEY & THE GERALD […]

 Everett True

Song of the day – 180: Bitch Prefect

Just returned home from a rare evening out in the city, from the screening of Matt’s footage celebrating one year of Eternal Soundcheck. I intend to write a fuller report later, so I’ll hold back from describing it except to say zowee! – Matt sure has a finely tuned aesthetic! – but I just had […]

 Everett True

a plug for something you really ought to think about attending if you live in or near Brisbane

Actually, it’s not so much a plug as a lazy-ass link. But Eternal Soundcheck has long been one of my favourite blogs – and a primary motivation behind wanting to create Collapse Board – and, uh, I don’t know. Matt shoots intriguing video documents of Brisbane’s DIY underbelly, the sort of stuff that rarely gets written […]