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Song of the day – 71: The Gin Club

Nice single. Very nice single, in fact. I was listening to a recording of (band-leader by default) Ben Salter, playing solo at Ric’s Bar a few weeks ago, and was once again struck by what an extraordinary, evocative drawl he has. He’s not singing on this – the first track released from The Gin Club’s […]


Tumbleweed + The Meanies + Hytest live @ The Hi-Fi, 02.05.10

Since moving to Australia, I’d heard a lot about Tumbleweed, mostly via the Time Off Message Board, all of it glowing in its praise of the band; they’ve been talked about as the main Australian band from the 1990s that missed out on becoming massive. Although I’d checked out a few songs on YouTube and […]

 Everett True

Spotlight – 42: Velociraptor

There’s a dinosaur exhibition down the Science Museum on the Southbank: and Isaac’s favourite part of it is the video of the dinosaurs singing, “Danger, danger/Velociraptor/Danger, danger/He’s got the hook claw”. Now I have no way of ascertaining whether this song was a formative influence upon the frenzied scenes of chaos and surf rock magic […]

 Everett True

Joanna Newsom live @ The Tivoli, 16.01.10

Joanna Newsom played a few weeks back in Brisbane. On occasion, she bordered on the magical: her voice slightly more reminiscent of Kate Bush then I recall it being before: the song about the daddy long-legs being particularly charming and lengthy (I might have dreamed the subject matter): the drummer in particular bringing his instrument […]

 Everett True

Patrick Wolf live @ The Zoo, 10.12.09

Animal Collective played Brisbane recently. I’d already spilled a mug of beer of my Pet Sounds CD, so I didn’t feel the need to duplicate the effect twice. I skipped across the Valley to where Patrick Wolf was putting on a stadium rock show – three costume changes! – in front of 100 people. He […]

 Everett True

Spotlight – 29: Kitchen’s Floor

As I said somewhere else just now, I keep forgetting how much I remain in love with the thrill of live music. Blame it on my age. Whatever. At least I know my limitations. Oh maybe I shouldn’t. Or maybe I don’t. Oh maybe I just want to FUCK AND GET HIGH FUCK AND GET […]

 Everett True

Spotlight – 28: Blank Realm

I so rarely go out to shows any more, I keep forgetting how much in love I remain with the thrill of live music. Last night at the Troubadour; I mean genuinely in love. I can’t resist it. After Blank Realm finished I was back in love with the music I’ve always been in love […]

 Everett True

Elvis Costello live @ Brisbane Entertainment Centre, 18.10.09

So my shamelessness paid off. Hell. I was trying to remember during the show how many times I’ve seen Elvis Costello perform before. Once, in LA at the Hollywood Bowl (around ’98) where myself and the PR were shamelessly drunk and singing along bawdily to him and Burt Bacharach (on piano) as they ploughed their […]

 Everett True

Spotlight – 9: Speech Debelle

This music sounds so foreign to my situation right now. It’s still raining. People are still regularly visiting this blog to check on news on the demise of Plan B. It’s still raining but the streets are wide. There’s little claustrophobia here. My wife is due to give birth any series of hours now (her […]

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