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Spotlight – 37: The Unthanks

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I’m usually extremely cynical about this sort of music, these arrangements, these voices. I mean, for starters, this is way too Jools Holland territory for me.

There again, the amount of music that boogie-woogie man features on his BBC show – designer coffee-table or not – he has to get it right occasionally. Law of averages, or something. As must The Guardian, Uncut, Elvis Costello and the general self-satisfied smug “left-of-centre” mainstream. This is just the right side of understated (even if it does come across as too mannered and self-knowing on occasion) and reminds me of The Roches… if only The Unthanks would loosen up a fraction.

And anything that reminds me of The Roches MUST be a good thing.

Here”s the video I was enjoying.

And here’s their MySpace page.

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  1. Andy January 21, 2010 at 8:15 am

    Also you have to love a band who's feet are credited as instruments on wikipedia…

    Rachel Unthank (voice, cello and feet)
    Becky Unthank (voice and feet)

  2. Jerry February 6, 2010 at 12:35 pm

    (from Facebook)

    Ben Harding
    Yes, but – try this. Sod them doing Beatles covers. Have a listen to this. Uncanny. Particularly the harmony on the word 'snow'.

    English folk should not be dismissed too lightly ('these arrangements, these voices'). The Watersons, the Copper Family, Shirley Collins and Nic Jones should be national treasures, and are to some.
    19 January at 13:01 ·

    Everett True
    thanks for that link Ben. I wasn't dismissing English folk actually – more a certain style of production that's favoured by folk in the mainstream who like to consider themselves 'cutting edge'
    19 January at 21:17 ·

    Ben Harding
    Oh, that – I'm with you there…
    20 January at 01:16 ·

    Tel Sutton
    They were even better when Stef was pianist. She brought a strangeness that's now, sadly, missing.
    20 January at 01:45 ·

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