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 Everett True

Spotlight – 10: The Caulfield Beats

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Well jeez. I was going to write back to the guy and tell him, “interesting music but not my chosen field”…but then I got distracted trawling through my email correspondence with Sean at Drowned In Sound re: the recent Music Journalism week, plus I was playing a mindless Paper Toss game on my iWhatever, and by the time I came to switch off the quirky, spaced-out electronic beats ricocheting around my headphones that the fellow had linked me to, I found myself enjoying them – a little of the playfulness of early Metronomy with some analogue French and squelchy bass thrown in, probably all done on ProTools but it doesn’t sound like it and anyway, since when did a medium get blamed for creators’ lack of inventiveness (unless it’s called “grunge” or indie or whatever).

Sounds like he’s been spray-painting all his hand-crafted broken-down machinery – fucking shit up, you know: Bjork without the millions or the voice: gentle and mischievous and full of distortion and the unexpected – but who the hell am I to comment? Just another fading music critic.

Oh yeah, you’ll be wanting the link. Here it is.

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