Songs about Brisbane – 4: An Horse

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[Time for a song from another of our Brisbane bloggers, Rachel Newnham. This An Horse song is the first of four she’s chosen for this series. I’d also like to state here and now that I’m revising my opinion of An Horse. They’re still a little polite for me, but I can certainly hear what Rachel is talking about here – Ed.]

An Horse – Shoes Watch
Like many songs about Brisbane, ‘Shoes Watch’ is about contempt, leaving or hiding. With every song An Horse record, you get the impression that they’re scared of something, or running from it. It might be the persistence of the drums or the insistence of the vocals but it’s unmistakably terrified music. The lyric “Well it’s such a small town and what comes always goes around” just cements that perception that Brisbane is still considered a big country town in which we gossip like old women and give the glares that they would give. It’s OK, though, if you can’t handle it, you just leave and write songs about it as “The place where you used to be”.
Rachel Newnham

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