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 Everett True

Song of the Day – Top 36 songs (updated 10.10pm, 10.10.10)

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This chart is based on traffic at my Song Of The Day entries, up to 9.00am, 8 October, as monitored by Google Analytics. The top entry won’t come as a surprise to any regular reader of Collapse Board. If there’s enough interest, I’ll compile a mix.

Click through on the links and you’ll find the original entry.

1. Agent Ribbons – Don’t Touch Me
2. Sheezer – El Scorcho
3. Pigeonhed – Glorybound
4. Coolies – Ghost Baby – Kiwi punk rock alert! Best Kiwi punk rock on the list.
5. The Nuns – Nun Time
6. Sky Needle – Sweet 16
7. Armedalite Rifles – Love + Hate
8. Frankie Rose And The Outs – Little Brown Haired Girls
9. Fever Fever – Monster
10. The Rolling Stones – Miss You – Rolling Stones alert! Best song by The Rolling Stones on the list.
11. Darren Hayman – Pram Town
12. The Concretes – Miss You
13. Las Kellies – Scotch Whiskey – Argentinian grrrl-punk alert. Best Argentinian grrrl-punk music on the list.
14. Bitch Prefect – Bad Decisions
15. Smudge – Superhero
16. Gogol Bordello – Immigraniada (We Comin’ Rougher)
17. Arrington de Dionyso – Bianglala
17. Kim Ki O – Herkes Evine
19. Johanna Buccola – Stockholm Syndrome – Pink Floyd alert! Best Pink Floyd sample on the list.
19. Otouto – W. Hillier
21. Roxy Music – Virginia Plain (live TOTP 1972)
22. Chin Chin – Why Am I So Lonely
23. Ruby For Lucy – Everything Will Be OK
24. The Gories – Land Of A Thousand Dances – Detroit Soul Music alert! Best Detroit Soul Music song on the list.
25. Dolly Mixture – Remember This
26. The Black Angels – Bad Vibrations
27. Eternal Summers – Pogo
28. My Friend Wallis – Hiding
29. Blue King Brown – Women’s Revolution (feat. Queen Ifrica) – Australian dub alert! Best Australian dub on the list.
30. Betty And The Werewolves – Paper Thin
31. The Monster Women – Bang Bang – reverb-drenched femme-pop alert! Best reverb-drenched femme-pop on the list.
32. Useless Children – Sounds
33. Prince Buster -The Fugitive
34. 8 Eye Spy – Being A Carpenter – Chinese No Wave alert! Best Chinese No Wave song on the list.
35. Syl Johnson – Is It Because I’m Black?
36. Clarence ‘Frogman’ Henry – Ain’t Got No Home

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