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Song of the day (Australia) – 146: The Saints

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Day five of this series, and this one is an absolute no-brainer.

The Thin Kids played up support to Kate Nash last night in the totally fucking awesome East Brunswick Club in Melbourne, and my head is pounding through lack of sleep and excitement and the cold Victoria air this morning. Three rows of Kate Nash fans sang along with ‘You’re Not From Queensland’ and I got to make my joke about how most bands only half half of an idea and that one’s filched from a Led Zeppelin album… AGAIN! Got to say it’d be nice if Ed could have heard me, but I was assured that our splendour was only increased by the shambolic approach. We sold one-and-a-half CDs afterwards, which is approximately one-and-a-half more copies than I sold of my first single. Kate added rather confused vocals to ‘You’re Not On The Guest List’ – fair enough, as I’d only asked her if she wanted to do so five seconds earlier.

Kate played a blinder, incidentally: the second half of the set all centred round that incredible ‘Mansion Song’, screaming like Kathleen Hanna possessed, not really the prim or coke-addled behaviour you’d expect from your UK pop stars.


It’s a coincidence that we moved to Brisbane, home of three of my favourite bands anywhere (forget Australia)… we honestly, true-to-Bangs, stayed there because it was a nice day when we stepped off the plane and we’d already experienced the winter in Melbourne. But Bangs alive, if The Saints weren’t one of the greatest fucking punk bands EVER, equal with ANYONE you can name… and I’m absolutely spoilt for choice as to which song I can list here.

I think I’ll go with this absolute belter from 1978.

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