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Song of the day – 83: The Innocence Mission

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Someone just sent me a download link to the new Innocence Mission album. Confusingly, it brings all the song titles up as ‘The Innocence Mission’. Ah well.

I love this band even though I know so little about them. I couldn’t even tell you which country they are from. They recall The Sundays, a little. They’ve released several albums, most of which I own. Popular? Couldn’t tell you. Fanatical following? Couldn’t tell you. I just know I love the tremble in the singer’s voice, their gentle, never boorish, treatment of other people’s songs, and beautiful renditions of their own. They set me at peace, make me feel rested. I don’t need to know more than that. It’s a special secret I keep with myself.

I’ll give you a “for example”. This is a song I’d never have thought I’d listen to willingly.

Anyway. This is the song I wanted to share with you. ‘Happy Birthday’, from the new album.

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