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Song of the day – 81: The Fall

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Another track rediscovered via that incredible ‘reference of female-fronted punk rock’ 12-CD compilation (still free to download). And yes, it’s fronted by a female singer (Brix Smith). And yes, it’s The Fall – Perverted By Language from 1983, to be precise. It’s the final album from the initial golden era or the first album of the silver era (depending on where you’re seated, of course) and certainly the last time I paid strict attention to Mr E. Smith for several years. I’d paid way too much attention to him before then, of course. So that made us even.

Damn, this is so great. I’m going to have to drag my extra-special deluxe reissue edition out my iTunes mothballs and give it a thorough going-over. This track is so… it’s a bit stupid to say “if you don’t like The Fall, then you might well like this” because this is The Fall and so if you don’t like The Fall there’s every chance you won’t like this but… Mark E. Smith is only the backing vocalist. Incredible vocal from Brix. Incredible. And Jesus, that guitar sound…!

Listen. Do you mind if I post their version of ‘Victoria’ here as well? Thank you.

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