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Song of the day – 76: Heaven 17

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It’s a great song. It’s also the reason why I bought Penthouse And Pavement from Rocking Horse the other day (also it was cheap, and on exchange credit). We had ourselves a total dance party when we got home: me, Daniel, Isaac. It’s amazing how thin these early 80s records sound now – there’s no middle at all.

If someone would care to send me a link to the album that B.E.F. made with all those guest vocalists, that would be sweet.

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  1. Jerry May 11, 2010 at 7:21 pm

    (from Facebook)

    Everett True
    Bought Penthouse And Pavement today, down Rocking Horse. Sure I saw some ridiculous claim in Uncut recently that this CD is currently worth over 100 quid. If so, get yr asses down to RH where they have a zillion at $9.99.

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    Tim Footman
    Remember similar claims being made for debut singles by The Vines & Ultrasound, about 6 months after release. Think they're invented by hacks attempting to push up the value of their own promos.
    Sunday at 15:28 ·

    Everett True
    didn't you get three figures for your copy of that first Vines 7-inch? I know I did…
    Sunday at 15:30 ·

    Everett True
    Ultrasound, on the other hand, I couldn't give away
    Sunday at 15:31 ·

    James McLaren
    I recently sold a promo of the turn ep by feeder for £95. I mean, really…
    Sunday at 16:30 ·

    Rez Guthrie
    Lead us not into temptation, nooo…
    Sunday at 19:44 ·

    Larry Pickleman
    I still had p&p; vinyl until I left it behind when I ran away…
    Sunday at 20:02 ·

    Mark Headley
    hmmm P&P; is £3.49 on Amazon.co.uk!
    Sunday at 20:24 ·

    Jacen Valerian
    BFE forever!
    Yesterday at 03:54 ·

  2. Jerry May 18, 2010 at 10:13 pm

    (from Facebook)
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    Didier Becu
    Saw that album being performed by them some months ago…genius album, one of the best ever but better on record!!!
    11 May at 20:04 ·

    David Rothblatt
    P&P; is such a great song… don't have the album, don't think because we got some kind of big dumb American release of it instead.
    12 May at 00:23 ·

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