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 Everett True

Song of the day – 73: Broken Spells

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Another group who’ve contacted me because of the Lust-Cats post. Shit, I ain’t complaining. There’s always room on top for one more nasty, stripped-bare garage band versed in the lessons of the blues wailers and a love for reverb. Two or three decades back, you’d know that these Provo dudes’ main source would be Monks via The Fall, or straight Cramps, but fuck it all if they ain’t quite obviously gone straight back to the source with their battered old fucken sweet-sounding 60s organ and mainline Jesse Mae and Chuck Berry direct. Damn, I’d be out creating a whole scene of my own if this bunch of bearded recalcitrants and social misfits were in my town.

The song I’m groovin’ on is ‘Power Blinker’ – you can find that, and loads more besides at their MySpace page.

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